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The "Stramendrisio", an event promoting the movement and the well-being, is presented punctually every year with its simple and casual program. The date has remained unchanged for 33 years: the Saturday before the federal fasting. The event involves about 600 participants.

Route and program 

  • The relaxing walk, also open to Nordic walking, is the highlight of the event.
  • The itinerary winds entirely through to the territory of Mendrisio and choose green areas, faraway from the traffic. It's considered ideal for its feasibility and short length (6-7 km).
  • The starting- and arrival point is by the Centro Manifestazioni Mercato Coperto.

For some years now the "Stramendrisio" has also included a non-competitive running race, over a distance of 10 km, for the trained people. Recently, another proposal has been successfully introduced: the guided visit to the artistic monuments of Mendrisio. Collateral activities are proposed every year differently and give a new imprint to each edition.

You join the event on the place, with a modest registration's fee that includes the traditional entertainment offers, the dinner and the bingo. All details (routes, program) are published on the website
mendrisio.ch/stramendrisio, with photos from past editions (gallery).


  • OPENING Sat: 13h30 -19h30
  • CATEGORIES Sports events