Image 0 - Season Opening Weekend 2022
Image 1 - Season Opening Weekend 2022
Image 2 - Season Opening Weekend 2022
Image 3 - Season Opening Weekend 2022

Season Opening Weekend 2022

Season opening party with entertainment for all ages and culinary delights. Alpine horn formation Corni dal Generus will welcome guests. Train journey 50% off throughout the weekend.

Circo Tonino on the summit of Monte Generoso

The Tonino Circus is coming to the top of Monte Generoso! A big party full of surprises and fun for all ages. There will be an open-air inflatable, children's make-up, magic tricks and clowns. While the little ones play and are entertained by the staff, you can relax on the terrace of the third floor and enjoy nature that surrounds you!

Clean up Day
The season opens under the banner of respect for the environment. A group of volunteers from the Summit Foundation of Vevey is coming at the summit ready to raise awareness among hikers and visitors of Monte Generoso, who can join them in cleaning up the paths and green areas around the Fiore di pietra.


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