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Scenic Trail

Scenic Trail is a trail running competition.

The competition involves an area of 195 square miles, touching 10 municipalities: Alto Malcantone, Arbedo-Castione,  Bedano, Bellinzona,  Capriasca, Isone, Lugano, Mezzovico-Vira, Monte Ceneri and Torricella Taverne.

It takes place during the second weekend in June. Born in 2013 it does see the first edition on a 50Km distance and 3800m in altitude along a path that runs on the ridges of the region, offering a breath-taking view (from here the term “Scenic”). In 2015, 2016 and in 2017 Scenic Trail has been awarded as best Swiss Ultra Trail competition in Switzerland. For the seventh edition six paths of unparalleled beauty are available.


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