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Risotto Hunt - Gastronomic Festival

100 risottos all to... hunt
The seventh edition of the gastronomic review from 7 to 27 September.

#ilTIcinoNonsiFERMA even at the table! Although the COVID-19 emergency has led to the cancellation of the seventh edition of the "Ticino Risotto Championships" - which will be back on time in 2021 - there is a desire to react and satisfy the requests of risotto lovers. This is why Ticino a Tavola, Fatto in casa and GastroTicino, in collaboration with GastroLagoMaggiore and Valli, will organise the 7th "Risotto Hunt" which will take place from 7th to 27th September.

A successful gastronomic review that over the years has grown thanks to the skill and imagination of the chefs who each time propose dozens and dozens of different risottos. In particular, the risottos that this year the 31 restaurants will propose to their customers will be about one hundred, with over 80 different recipes. It will still be a unique opportunity to taste both classic and international Ticino recipes, but above all made with the creativity and passion that distinguish the restaurants of our Canton. This year, then, there will be an extra ingredient: the desire of restaurateurs to come back to excite their customers, offering the best of their art.
All that remains to be done is to choose between classic risottos such as the Merlot del Ticino with luganighetta nostrana, or saffron with veal bone marrowbone or porcini mushrooms. But you can also taste creative and tasty dishes such as Acquerello risotto aged 7 years with sea plankton, with scallop and its coral, risotto with shrimp bisque and citrus scent, paella ticinese (red Merlot risotto with luganighetta, ribs, chicken, rabbit and vegetables), the superfine rice Carnaroli selection Acquerello mantecato with Merlot Sasso Chierico di Gudo, figs, lightly smoked scallop and the foam of its coral, the balsamic and American grape risotto, the Castelmagno risotto with truffle and scampi tartare and the beer and Fontina risotto.

As always, a nice guide has been printed with the name of the restaurants, the risottos and various intriguing recipes; the booklet can be found in the restaurants registered in the review and in the tourist boards, or you can download it from the website ticinoatavola.ch where you can also read the instructions to participate in the new contest "#RassegnaTI a vincere!": just take a picture and post it on the Facebook page of RéservéTicino or send it to [email protected]


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