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Recycling your life force

A therapist takes women into the forest and helps them expand their awareness.

Cristina Calderari has developed her sensitivity to such an extent that she can not only recognise the various energy flows in the forest near Carona, but can also communicate them to others. On a journey of self-discovery, the participants give themselves up to nature and, using specific exercises, make contact with archetypal, female forces. They pay close attention to how these energies spread, and how they can be recycled and then integrated into everyday life. They return home with a renewed awareness of the power of feminine energy.

Price from: 80 CHF
Accompanied: yes
Languages: German, French, Italian
Group size: 2 - 10
Duration: 4 - 8 hours
Suitable for: Women only

The event takes place on request, reservation required.


  • CATEGORIES Get-togethers