Image 0 - Paty of inauguration of Via del Ceneri
Image 1 - Paty of inauguration of Via del Ceneri

Paty of inauguration of Via del Ceneri

Day of celebration for the inauguration of the historic "Via del Ceneri"

2020 will be an important year for Ticino. At the end of the year, a great popular festival will mark the opening of the Ceneri base tunnel, the last of the three railway tunnels of the Alptransit project.

To complement this important moment, from the 21st March 2020, will be added "La Via del Ceneri", which will lead from Cadenazzo to the square located on Monte Ceneri. Along this thematic route there will be various points of interest, including the Precassino mill and the square on the pass.

For the future we already think of the continuation of the Via del Ceneri till Bellinzona that will allow you to rediscover the historic "Strada Francesca", while on Monte Ceneri will join the road of Montecenerino and the Strada Regina.

The day programme will follow.