Image 0 - Music in the dark
Image 1 - Music in the dark

Music in the dark

We offer a sensational and absolutely enchanting experience! Listen to music, sounds in total darkness- made in Switzerland-

Music by Sandro Schneebeli et Max Pizio
Production: NEVEmusic
Collaboration with SBB (Schweizerische Blindenbund, Zürich)

Fell the music with intensity

In a complete dark environment, where I couldn’t have any information in advance about I would fell probably rumours, sounds, voice tons and music with a closer sensitivity than those blind persons. My eyes will be open but I won’t see anything.

The concert takes place in a complete dark environment

Blind doormen will guide the listeners into the concert hall to their seat. In this scenario all participants won't be able to see each other, with any sense of orientation and they also won’t see the musicians. When the concert begins, the listeners can recognize some of the instruments, while other will be discovered only by time to time. The absolute peace among the audience comes from the great concentration put on the hearing action. Rather then sounds, there aren’t other distractions. The “presumable” distance between audience and musicians changes constantly and also according to the kind of music played and the instrument’s usage.

14:00 Special family concert