Image 0 - Mirga and Gabriela with Birmingham: Talent is feminine

Mirga and Gabriela with Birmingham: Talent is feminine

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
Mirga Gražinyté-Tyla, conductor
Gabriela Montero, piano

From the outset, Gražinyt?-Tyla immersed herself in the musical life of the orchestra and the city, building a relationship of trust that gave room to explore new repertoire: from symphonies by Polish composer Mieczys?aw Weinberg, chosen to inaugurate the collaboration with Deutsche Grammophon, to pieces by Raminta Šerkšnyte.

Gabriela Montero's spontaneity enhances her interpretations of the classical repertoire with an expressiveness that is never sentimental. In Lugano, the pianist will perform Tchaikovsky's Concerto No. 1. It is now 23 years since Montero won the Third Prize at the International Chopin Piano Competition that launched her international career. The pianist is also known for her desire to create a special feeling of complicity in the concert hall. At the end of her performances, she sometimes improvises on a theme suggested by the audience or the orchestra.