Image 0 - Marcello Dudovich (1878-1962), photography between art and passion
Image 1 - Marcello Dudovich (1878-1962), photography between art and passion
Image 2 - Marcello Dudovich (1878-1962), photography between art and passion

Marcello Dudovich (1878-1962), photography between art and passion

The exhibition, entitled Marcello Dudovich (1878-1962), photography between art and passion, curated by Roberto Curci and Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini, will explore the relationship between photography and the posters of the great master - born in Trieste and international by vocation - with a focus on his artistic production.


A successful illustrator and poster designer, Dudovich is one of the most important references in the history of the poster. The exhibition has been designed to allow visitors to follow Dudovich's entire creative process: from photographs, sketches and watercolour sketches to the preparation of his wonderful posters, and finally the posters themselves, about thirty of which are on display.


Of great interest is also the comparison with his master Leopoldo Metlicovitz, poster designer in Ricordi, of which about twenty photographs are exhibited. The exhibition is accompanied by a rich collection of documents, such as Marcello Dudovich's handwritten letters, postcards and magazine covers. Important is also the reference to silent films and divas of the time, to whose charm the artist from Trieste was very sensitive.


In all, more than 300 pieces, many of them unpublished, which come from important loans - including the National Museum Salce Collection in Treviso, the Civic Collection of Prints "Achille Bertarelli" in Milan, the Cabinet of drawings of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, the Civic Photographic Archive in Milan, the Civic Museum Revoltella-Gallery of Modern Art in Trieste, Galleria Campari in Sesto San Giovanni - and from many private collectors, including, first and foremost, Salvatore Galati and Alessandro Bellenda.


  • Sunday 16th February
    Finissage: guided tour and aperitif

    On the occasion of the finissage of the exhibition on Marcello Dudovich, there will be a free guided tour by the Director, Nicoletta Ossanna Cavadini. An aperitif will follow.


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