Image 0 - Luppolo & Food Festival 2019
Image 1 - Luppolo & Food Festival 2019
Image 2 - Luppolo & Food Festival 2019

Luppolo & Food Festival 2019

On Friday 30 August, Saturday 31 August and Sunday 01 September 2019 Piazza Indipendenza will come alive thanks to the setting up of a village that will host 6/8 breweries both from Ticino and from outside the Canton, with the opportunity to taste different beers ranging from light to amber to dark.

Roberto Storni, well-known sommelier of Ticino beer, will accompany the participants in the 4 courses proposed to learn more about the beer and recognize its characteristics. The courses proposed will be: tasting techniques, brewers' styles, beer - cold cuts and cheeses pairing, beer - food-truck pairing.