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Ludwig van Festival

Revolutionary, intriguing...irreverent!

A music Festival with OSI and Markus Poschner. The uneven numbered symphonies of Beethoven will be performed over three consecutive nights, adopting a contemporary approach that involves a dialogue with Mauricio Kagel’s revolutionary vision, through old film clips and musical improvisations inspired by Ludwig Van. The event will begin on Friday, June 7 at 8:30pm in the LAC theatre hall with Symphonies n. 1 and 3, to be followed on Saturday, June 8 with Symphonies n. 5 and 7, and will conclude with the Symphony n. 9 which will be performed in the open air on Piazza Luini on Sunday, June 9 at 9pm. The choir will consist of more than 200 singers who will be coming from all over Italian Switzerland to sing the “Ode to Joy” to the accompaniment of the OSI.

Fr 07.06.2019 Sala Teatro LAC 20:30
Sa 08.09.2019 Sala Teatro LAC 20:30
Su 09.09.2019 GRATIS Open air in Piazza Bernardino Luini 21:00

In case of bad weather the concert on Sunday 9th June will take place inside, at the LAC Theatre Hall. Tickets will be available at the entrance of the LAC from 19:00.