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Louis Kahn e Venezia

On the 12th October the exhibition "Louis Kahn and Venice" inaugurates the exhibition programme at the new USI Architecture Theatre in Mendrisio designed by Mario Botta. The exhibition is promoted by the Fondazione Teatro dell'architettura of Mendrisio and from the Accademia di Architettura of the Università della Svizzera italiana.


With this exhibition for the first time the deep bond between the American architect - one of the masters of the twentieth century - and the city of Venice is staged. It began in 1928 with his first visit to the Lagoon, continued in the following decades with other trips and consolidated with his participation at the Biennale, his friendship with Carlo Scarpa, the various lectures he gave and above all with his project, which remained on paper, for the Palazzo dei Congressi. These events, together with the related themes, are explored in depth in the exhibition thanks to models, graphic works, photographs, video installations, letters and other documents, some of them unpublished, from numerous international archives and private collections including The Architectural Archives-University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, the Querini Stampalia Foundation in Venice, the collection of Sue Ann Kahn in New York and many others.


The theme of this first major exhibition resonates with the architectural characteristics of the Theatre of Architecture, establishing a link between the work of Louis Kahn, Venice and Ticino architecture. In its geometric force and its essential spatiality, the new building on the campus of the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, in fact, reveals the influence that Kahn had on the work of Mario Botta, who, as a student, collaborated with the American Master on the very occasion of his project for Venice, in the late sixties.


In 1969 Kahn presented his project for the new Palazzo dei Congressi at the Giardini di Venezia, together with that for a research centre for artistic creation, inaugurating the exhibition set up in the halls of the Palazzo Ducale (30 January-15 February 1969). In 1972 the possibility of building in the Giardini was definitively rejected, assuming a new location in the Arsenale area. The architect will adapt the project to the new site, but soon it will become clear that there is a lack of political will to create it, delivering it in the limbo of the missed opportunities for Venice.


Sections of the exhibition

The exhibition covers the three floors of the Teatro dell'architettura and is divided into thematic sections, in which projects developed between 1968 and 1972 are analyzed with the support of extensive documentation and where events, relationships and cultural debts are explored in depth: Kahn and Venice; Return to Europe; Giuseppe Mazzariol and the idea of Venice; Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier in Venice; The Lesson of Louis Kahn; Louis Kahn and Carlo Scarpa; The Design of Louis Kahn for Venice.


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