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La Meseda

Supported by the centre of agricultural competence, the farmer’s union Ticino and the City Bellinzona.

The event starts in autumn. Ticino’s perfums, colours and savours.

The Meseda arises as a result of a collaboration betweet David Schnell and Raffaella Biffi. This occurrence sees the local agritourism farms as protagonists presenting their agricultural company, products and culinary specialities to the larger public. This event winks to the NRLA opening (the New Railway Link through the Alps) and welcomes many Ticino-loving visitors.

The Meseda is dedicated to all families, to greadies of all ages and to all gourmands who love genuine products and nature. On the programme: genuine product’s sale, thematic areas with animals, presentation of new technologies and new plantation materials, courses about green areas care, pratical exercises and shows organisied by the Ticinese Farmers Union “School at the farm”.

A 360°show window for the local agritourisms.


  • CATEGORIES Enogastronomy , Get-togethers