Image 0 - Jean Corty (1907-1946)
Image 1 - Jean Corty (1907-1946)
Image 2 - Jean Corty (1907-1946)

Jean Corty (1907-1946)

The exhibition is dedicated to the painter Jean Corty, one of the most appreciated Swiss painters, who was fascinated by Nordic Expressionism and whose artistic parabola was consumed in just twenty years.


Only the numerous works - landscapes of the surrounding area and figures - painted by him during his stay at the Cantonal Sociopsychiatric Hospital of Mendrisio, from 1933 to 1941, and donated by the painter himself to his doctor Olindo Bernasconi, whose descendants still preserve them. He has always encouraged him to paint, firmly believing in the therapeutic qualities of art. The catalogue contains texts by the curators and reproductions of all the works on display (about seventy, including oils and drawings), mostly unpublished.

It also retraces the history of the Cantonal Sociopsychiatric Hospital of Mendrisio, both from an architectural point of view and the treatments practiced there in those years, with a mention of the other artists who stayed there, including Filippo Franzoni.


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