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Innerwalk Women: Transformative Travels

Discover Switzerland in a new way with Innerwalk Woman: transformative tourism experiences for Women only!

Innerwalk Woman organizes one or two day adventures, connecting the exploration of places of Swiss nature with hiking, yoga, liberating dance, sound healing and guided meditation. Travel alone and connect with people who have similar interests to yours!

All participants are given our Radio Frequency headphones that allow them to keep the social distancing and feel part of the group, listening to the instructions provided by the guides and the musical journey created by the collaboration with our Sound Artists tailor made for each location.
The event from the outside is silent and does not involve the use of electricity.
Short excursions from 20 to 45 minutes, guided heating, musical journey with one of our DJ / Sound Healing / Voice where everyone can dance, get inspired, walk, sit still or contemplate the view.

Thanks to our expert team in the choice of Location, Yoga and Embodied Authenticity we will be able to travel around the territory, but also investigate various issues related to the freeing of women from conditioning through actions, exercises and movements, vocal expressions and playfulness, which help the participants to perceive and embody their feminine and masculine energy, chaos and stillness, wild expression or form and stillness.
The goal is to recharge and enhance oneself together, in respect and freedom.


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