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Il merluzzo surgelato

Theatre show.

Space, a chair, a shirt, three characters from three different generations (a grandmother, a daughter, a granddaughter) and a single actress. While reminiscing about her grandmother's house, the granddaughter travels through memories of her own childhood but something goes wrong as she comes across memories that are not her own.

She has fallen into the mind of her grandmother, who is suffering from dementia. The confusion of memories and identity has a green light. Where does the granddaughter, and the daughter, and the grandmother, and the actress begin and end? Where do the memories of one end and the memories of the other begin? Where does the loaf of bread kneaded by the grandmother end and where do the walls of her house begin? Confusion. Confusion of memories, of scene, of text, of dialects, of faces, of lives, of places, of times, of identities.

Confusion lives and inhabits the stage space, drawing the story of an old woman from southern Italy who, after the loss of her partner, has let herself go, losing herself among the mosaic tiles that once made up her own life, in that long-standing limbo that is dementia.

The performance will be followed by an open dialogue with the audience.

Afterwards, it will be possible to dine on the spot with a risotto.


  • Full price: CHF 25.-
  • Reduced: CHF 20.- (AAC members, BancaStato customers, OASI, Under 26, students, FIT card)


  • OPENING Wed: 20:00 – 22:00
  • CATEGORIES Theatre