Image 0 - Gusta & Pedala con Coop
Image 1 - Gusta & Pedala con Coop

Gusta & Pedala con Coop

Sports Arena & AreaViva, with the support of Coop, are happy to present a new event planned for the end of summer 2020.
A 10-stage enogastronomic bike ride along the roads and paths of Capriasca to discover the farms and their products.

The route is about 25 km long, 569 m of height difference and are available 500 places. The departure and arrival are scheduled at the gardens of Tesserete, in the same place will be set up a market where you can buy some products tasted in the different stages.

We propose an easy path suitable for families with children from 12 years young. Younger children only if are sufficiently trained.

The use of mountain bikes (MTB) is highly recommended. If you do not have a MTB, there are alternative routes that can be covered with normal bikes.

Different e-bike models for rent for those who do not have their own bike, we invite you to contact our partner Z-bike in Lugano (091 976 05 45) with favorable prices. Event will also take place in all weather conditions.

Farms, producers and associations present at the Gusta & Pedala with Coop event:

-Associazione ricreativa Pompieri Capriasca
-Azienda agricola Fonte 4, Vaglio
-Azienda agricola la Sorgente, Lelgio
-Azienda agricolo Fam. Marzaro, Vaglio
-Federazione Ticinese di apicoltura, sezione di Lugano
-Gelateria Tesserete, Tesserete
-Grom Azienda agricola e caseificio, Bidogno
-La Caldera Azienda agricola, Origlio
-Fattoria OTAF, Origlio
-Panetteria Coop
-Azienda Vitivinicola San Matteo, Cagiallo
-Bottega dei Ghi Food & beverage, Lugano
-Caffé Chicco d’Oro, Balerna
-Cantina Trattoria Menghetti, Bigorio
-Falling Pine Brewery, Cadempino
-Rivella Ticino
-Tisana Olivone Erbe Ticino, Melano


Adults: 50 Chf.
Children: 35 Chf.