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Gazzirola Direttissima

The Direttissima del Gazzirola is a magic line that from the village of Cozzo, in Valcolla, leads in just over three kilometers to the top of the highest mountain in the valley, overcoming 1100 meters in altitude.

The climb begins near the dirt car park near the bridge, climbs towards the Barchi, then exits the wood and climbs up the grassy ridge that leads to the summit ridge. Those who want to try the route before the race will be able to easily follow a very visible path up to the back of the mountain. From here in a few minutes, you will directly reach the main peak (the northernmost one). The climb is steep but has no dangerous or exposed points and is therefore suitable for everyone. The descent is done backwards or along the path that leads to San Lucio or the Alpe di Pietra Rossa, belonging to the Patriziato di Colla.

The last race of the season for those who aspire to a podium in the Ticino Mountain Running Cup and who still have energy to spare.

Direttissima: CHF 39.-
Competitive registered in another event of the circuit (15% discount): CHF 33.-
Kids < 14 years: CHF 15.-


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