Image 0 - Exhibition - Foto Club Turrita
Image 1 - Exhibition - Foto Club Turrita
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Exhibition - Foto Club Turrita

The Club

The Turrita Photography Club (FCT) was founded in Bellinzona on October 29th, 1968, by a group of friends passionate about photography. 


The club has been led by Dr Gianni Girelli since 1991 and currently has about 30 members. Over its life, the club has witnessed the evolution of photography from analogical to digital. Members meet every other week in Giubiasco. Meetings are focused on themed projections and/or discussions of subjects related to photography, as well as on planning outings over the course of the year. Information and updates on the club's activities are regularly posted on the club's Facebook page @fotoclubtorrita. 


The Exhibition 


The exhibition celebrates the club's 50th anniversary. Members enthusiastically contributed by sharing their best photographs, covering different themes, in print or projection. Furthermore, part of the exhibition is centered on historical photographs of Bellinzona, taken in the 60's and in the 70's. The original pictures on slides have been converted to digital and printed for the exhibition.


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