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Donkey festival

The donkey steals the show.


It’s always intriguing when you get to know another country better. Is there any chance of you being in Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio at the end of August? Then you shouldn’t miss Sagra da l’Asan (the Donkey Fete) in Coldrerio: an ethnic festival showcasing a country over four days. Come and discover it!


Take part in an event which, every year, singles out one country and tells us everything there is to know about it through documentaries, conferences, round tables, music and food. This is ‘full immersion’ at its best!


The delicious traditional ‘maccheronata’ and the unmissable tombola are great added attractions, as well as the special activities especially designed for children. Make sure you don’t leave without tasting the delicious braised donkey and polenta!


What a fantastic trip within a trip!


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