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Carnival in all region


Let's party!

In Switzerland and in Ticino Carnival is a much loved occasion. In the area of Lugano, the Ambrosian and Roman rites have always coexisted, thus creating a long period of celebrations in which masks, confetti and jokes conquer both the young and old.

Carnival in all region:


FRIDAY 12.01 - SUNDAY 14.01.2018

Carnevaa di Locc Isone

SUNDAY 14.01.2018

Carnevale di ARSI Pregassona

FRIDAY 19.01.2018 - SUNDAY 21.01.2018

Cavri e béc Taverne

Carnevale di Lamone

Carnevale di Medeglia

SATURDAY 20.01 - SUNDAY 04.02.2018

Carnevale El Coleta Maglio di Colla

THURSDAY 25.01 - SATURDAY 27.01.2018

Carnevale Val Colla

THURSDAY 25.01 - SUNDAY 28.01.2018

Carnevale Barletta Rivera



THURSDAY 01.02 - SUNDAY 04.02.2018

Carnevale Scimas Bironico

FRIDAY 02.02 - SUNDAY 04.02.2018

Carnevale Ul Satasciucc Porza

FRIDAY 02.02 - SATURDAY 03.02.2018

Carnevale Sbefard di Cureglia

Carnevale Ciora e Salam Mezzovico-Vira

SATURDAY 03.02.2018

Carnevale Picett di Savosa

Carnevale Re Lapin di Bidogno

THURSDAY 08.02 - MONDAY 12.02.2018

Carnevale Ul Sbroja Lugano

SATURDAY 10.02.2018

Carnevale di Gandria

SUNDAY 11.02 - TUESDAY 13.02.2018

Carnevale Zocoron e Porscein di Sonvico-Dino

THURSDAY 15.02 -SATURDAY 17.02.2018

Carnevale di Tesserete Or Penagin