Image 0 - Carì - Snowshoe trail at moonlight

Carì - Snowshoe trail at moonlight

Carì: Snowshoe trail at moonlight

The 10.01.2020 - 07.02.2020 and 09.03.2020 in Carì, after last year's great experience, the traditional moonlight snowshoe hike from the village to the Prodör Hut and the Tic Cattaneo in Predelp is repeated, before climbing to an altitude of 2000 metres where a surprise dinner will be served at the Osteria Belvedere. Descent around 10 p.m. The enchanting light of the moon with its reflections that illuminate the snow will give us the opportunity, both to enjoy the picturesque scenery of our landscape with the bitter and wild scent emanating from the pine trees, and to appreciate the majestic silence of the mountain, sometimes broken by its magical noises.

Meeting at 18.30 in front of the Restaurant Pineta (possibly with a frontal battery).

Inscriptions to the Nuova Carì Sagl. at 091 866 18 80.



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