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CANCELLED: Stramendrisio

The Stramendrisio, an event promoting the movement and the well-being, is presented punctually every year with its simple and casual program. The date has remained unchanged for 35 years: the Saturday before the federal fasting. The event involves about 600 participants.



  • Walking and walking: route along the park of Laveggio and the vineyards of Ligornetto (1 round of 7 km - average walking time 1h30);
  • Guided cultural itinerary: proposal between palaces and monuments of the historic centre of Mendrisio (average time of travel 1h30) Limited places!
    Please pre-register at [email protected];
  • Timed running: route in the heart of the magnificent village (1 lap of 5 km - average walking time 0h30 or 2 laps of 5 km - average walking time 1h);
  • The starting and finishing point is the Covered Market Event Centre.


You join the event on the place, with a modest registration's fee that includes the traditional entertainment offers, the dinner and the bingo.


All details (routes, program) are published on the website