Image 0 - CANCELLED: Càvea&MarmArt Festival
Image 1 - CANCELLED: Càvea&MarmArt Festival
Image 2 - CANCELLED: Càvea&MarmArt Festival

CANCELLED: Càvea&MarmArt Festival

The year 2020 brings with it many new things. For its third edition, the event will take place at the Cave di Arzo over two evenings and one afternoon, also thanks to the collaboration with MarmArt - artisti in scena.


The project, born from the association CAVAVIVA, will animate the three quarries (Naturalistic Amphitheatre, Broccatello, Imperial Baths) and Ul Busket with free musical and artistic performances from early afternoon, on the model of the festival buskers.


Our goal is to get closer and closer to the model of the big festivals, able to offer continuous entertainment over several days. It is a great challenge and we are only just starting out, but we are determined to give our best! The program is still top secret, but it promises to be a very interesting edition, open to discovery, multiple genres and big names! 


More information will be released soon.