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Autonassa 2021

Autonassa is a unique event, able to propose a relaxed and convivial visit. For the 40th time, all the novelties of the cars universe will be presented on that privileged stage that is Via Nassa.

Suggestive and exclusive location that allows everyone to take all the time needed to admire the car of their dreams, and look for the most suitable model with which traveling many kilometers for work or in the company of the whole family.

Autonassa is the open air car exhibition organized by the Luganese Group of UPSA (Swiss Professional Car Union) and the Via Nassa Association, in collaboration with the City of Lugano.

In every edition of Autonassa you can appreciate the aesthetic, but above all the technological evolution of the models of exposed automobiles, as evidence of an industrial sector in continuous and rapid evolution, and its ability to meet the different and complex needs of each of its customers.

Visiting Autonassa, is easy to understand how the car is not a simple means of transport. The car has many symbolic meanings that go far beyond our own intentions: the fact that we like a car or not, is linked to complex emotions that are transmitted to us by the image that the brand has been able to give and, above all, by the social and cultural implications that are part of the legacy of our education. The purchase of a car is also an important moment of family aggregation, and being all together in a unique and prestigious setting as the Via Nassa of Lugano, can only represent an added value for a city devoted to welcome people as Lugano knows how to be.

This year, Autonassa will be organized simultaneously with the Nassa Boat Show. It took COVID-19 to put together two events whose common denominator is the passion for engines and, above all, for freedom.

For the past 40 editions, Autonassa has been the most exclusive car show, and since 2012 Nassa Boat Show offers visitors the exclusive opportunity to admire the excellence of boating directly in what was once the road of fishermen.


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