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Ars Electronica Garden Lugano

A festival of art, technology and society - will be held for the first time in Lugano from September 9th to 12th, 2021.

It will be an opportunity for both locals and visitors to explore and promote current topics such as digital awareness and sustainable coexistence.

The Festival will take place in different locations in the heart of Lugano (Campus Est USI- SUPSI, Foce, Parco Ciani), while the final event will be hosted by Capanna Monte Bar - a modern mountain hut in the proximity of the city.

Ars Electronica Garden Lugano will explore the relationship between human beings and technology, and it intends to stimulate ideas and generate a debate on future prospects of a conscious and sustainable coexistence.

The investigation will be conducted through various means: art installations, music performances, workshops and talks, all immersed in the beautiful natural scenery of the City of Lugano.

The Festival will also be an opportunity to promote "Digital Awareness", a project of public communication focused on using technology and social media in a responsible manner.
The project is promoted by Lugano Living Lab, the digital innovation and technology lab of the City of Lugano, in partnership with USI-Università della Svizzera italiana.

A number of activities will be devoted to raising awareness on the topic of sustainability. To reduce electronic waste, collection stations will be organised on September 11th, where people will be able to donate, recycle and give a new life to used their electronic devices. A creative contest will also enable people to decorate their computers.

Ars Electronica Garden Lugano will end with a "Digital Detox Day":  a whole no-tech day dedicated to disconnecting from electronic devices and social media. The city centre will host detox areas, while free recreational activities will be available to the public, including yoga sessions, meditation classes, pilates, and more. The final event will be a panoramic hike to nearby Capanna Monte Bar, where the internationally renowned electronic musician Christian Löffler will play a live set until sunset.



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