Image 0 - Alek Lindus - Last works
Image 1 - Alek Lindus - Last works
Image 2 - Alek Lindus - Last works

Alek Lindus - Last works

As part of the Image Biennial 2021, House Pessina pays tribute to the photographer Alek Lindus (1965-2021) with a selection of her latest works.

Born in Paris, Alek Lindus trained artistically in the United Kingdom. At a young age she moved to Greece, where she became a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts. She lived and worked on the island of Samos for over 30 years, preferring in photography film, old analogue cameras and, since 2015 almost exclusively, the Polaroid. She died in 2021 after a long illness, at the age of 56.

The exhibition focuses on two core themes: on the one hand, the almost ephemeral delicacy of the Polaroids (landscapes, portraits, still lifes), covered with a gold film that alters, but enhances, their representation; on the other hand, a series of self-portraits taken during the last months of his illness, processed in negative and strongly expressive in their illusory ambiguity and fierce drama.

  • 1 The work reproduced here belongs to the series: Summer comes slow. Wrapped in gold, 2020;
  • 2 This work belongs to the series: Welcome to paradise, 2020;
  • 3 This work belongs to the series: When life gives you lemons, 2019.


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