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Aldo Ezio Conelli - Pitture


Conelli represents the house as an analogue of the human being as unit of soul and body.


Aldo Ezio Conelli “detto il Moriggia” (his ancient family name) was born in Milan in 1936. He moved to Switzerland with his Swiss wife in 1977 and now lives in beautiful Ticino, together with his family.

His passion for painting was a legacy from his grandmother – an art student in the splendour of Paris at the end of the 19th century and painter herself – who encouraged the young Aldo into painting, asking himself why something is beautiful and what the essence of Beauty is…

Following a career in architecture, in his twenties Conelli was exposed to major Italian painters in Milan. One of Italy’s most renowned architects, Mario Asnago (Rationalism in the 20th century), also a painter, became a mentor and a friend, influencing Aldo’s work in his search for geometric space built on harmony - a « sacred geometry » through Just Measure and Divine Proportion. Later, based on his philosophical interest, Conelli finds that art and poesy (creative intuition) are essential in an artwork. Behind his painting mainly lies Jacques Maritain’s Philosophy of Art and Beauty.


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