Image 0 - …a carnevale ogni scatto vale!
Image 1 - …a carnevale ogni scatto vale!
Image 2 - …a carnevale ogni scatto vale!
Image 3 - …a carnevale ogni scatto vale!

…a carnevale ogni scatto vale!


Photographic Installation
Bellinzona Historic Centre
From 11 February to 28 March 2021

The Foto Club Turrita - in collaboration with the Rabadan Society and with the support of the City of Bellinzona and the Regional Tourism Organisation of Bellinzonese and Upper Ticino - presents a photographic exhibition that traces the history of the Bellinzona Carnival through about hundred shots that immortalise and crystallise the magic of the carnival in all its forms.

Masks, Guggen, rulers, processions,... but above all: people! All the elements that characterise a popular event that has been part of Ticino's tradition for more than 158 years can be found in the exhibition. It is no coincidence that the exhibition is presented, in the year in which the event unfortunately cannot take place, on the very same dates that traditionally coincide with the carnival.

The photos and portraits on display partly represent moments of aggregation - such as the handing over of keys, masked processions - and partly immortalise - in the form of portraits - people in fancy dress. All the photographs on display come from the archives and members of the Foto Club Turrita.

A true open-air installation, therefore, which winds its way through the historic centre of Bellinzona, starting from Viale Stazione. The visitor will be taken on an ideal journey through the great masked procession, immersing himself in the atmosphere evoked by the photos scattered along the avenue and in the various squares of the Turrita.

A sort of "carnivalesque" urban decoration which invites passers-by to identify with what they see and to remember a time of year which is part of the collective life of Bellinzona and which also wants to spread a little light-heartedness and hope in such gloomy times. This temporary exhibition - which has been the subject of much debate at a time of restrictions due to the pandemic, and the conclusion was that it will only have a positive effect if it appeals to the public's sense of responsibility - aims to evoke and celebrate a historical event which, as well as representing a moment of great celebration, is rooted in the social fabric of the city and in Bellinzona's traditions.

Due to the current regulations, the population is asked to respect the sanitary rules and social distancing in order to ensure that the exhibition takes place in complete safety and with respect for people.