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Do you want to discover Ticino from another perspective?

Exploratorio.ch has its base camp in Canton Ticino (Switzerland). It is a photographic agency specialized win nature, outdoor, adventure sports and lifestyle. It operates mainly in the Alps and offers the following tourist offers:

Photo Day is the lightest proposal of Exploratorio.ch. It consists of a pleasant daily photographic excursion, along the hiking paths of the Canton of Ticino. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn, in a practical and immediate way, to photograph the natural beauties of our region, benefiting from a professional photographer at your side. You get to know other photography lovers with whom you can interchange and while hiking we will discuss about technique, composition, objectives, cameras and accessories. A practical and pleasant way to improve, explore and create beautiful photos!

Foto Experience is the intermediate proposal of Exploratorio.ch. It consists of a two-day stay in a hotel, Agriturismo or hut. It takes place in Ticino, at the foot of the 4'000m Swiss peaks or also abroad. In addition to the highlights of the Photo Day you can deepen the digital post-production, the optimization and the storage of your photos through editing lessons. Joining is a wonderful opportunity not only to learn in a practical and immediate way to achieve better photographs, but it is also a valid way to find out what can be beside the click, and how you can bring out the best of your images. In addition, a change of scenery, discover new places or just come back after some time is always something nice, isn’t it?

Photo Travel is the ultimate extension of the photographic and touristic offer proposed by Exploratorio.ch. During trips of three, four or more days you will discover beautiful and extraordinary places with a high scenic value, in which to learn or deepen the technique of taking pictures, accompanied by one or more professional photographers. All this without giving up the pleasant lightness when you go on holiday. For this reason are wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and friends welcome, even though they will not use the camera! The proposed destinations are not simple tours, but from a photographic point of view planned itineraries, where timetables, exhibitions and places have been carefully considered to allow you to bring home unique photographs.

Some examples of the activities:

  • Photo Day Lago Mognola
  • Photo Day Greina
  • Photo Experience Campolungo Campo Tencia
  • For further information: www.exploratorio.ch