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Yoga holiday in Vallemaggia

A unique and revitalizing yoga retreat in the magical Valley of Maggia surrounded by nature, mountains, rivers and waterfalls with plenty of sunshine, fresh and pure air, delicious organic food and lots of yoga.

Come to the sunny side of Switzerland to reconnect with yourself and experience deep relaxation and pure well-being. Yoga and Pranayama in the midst of the beauties of Ticino allows you to rediscover the values of life and expand your horizons.

Benefit from the cleansing power of the refreshing breeze from the waterfalls and the pure mountain air. The Yoga practices will have even more powerful effects here!

Let yourself drown into the variety of beauties of Ticino, the many natural energetic places and the breathtaking panorama. You will discover ancient chestnut trees, historic villages and vineyards and visit one of the many enchanting waterfalls in the area. Who doesn’t feel appealed by a refreshing dip in the natural pool under a waterfall?!

Experience the magical beauty of the Maggia gorge on foot, with the beautiful Ticino villages, the suspension bridges and the mountain stream Maggia. Following the waterways of the Maggia Valley between the rocks smoothed by the river, you discover many magnificent natural rock pools of various shades of blue and small beaches with the finest sand that invite to a pick nick, a plunge in the crystal-clear water or a silent meditation.

Escape the everyday life in the pleasant and friendly atmosphere of the Eco Hotel Cristallina, characterized by a healthy environment, respecting people and nature and where Margaretha van den Broek, an internationally recognized Hatha Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist, joyfully teaches yoga in 4 different languages ??for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.


  • Duration: Week (5 nights) or Weekend (2 nights)
  • Location: Eco Hotel Cristallina, Coglio, Vallemaggia
  • Level: beginners and intermediate
  • Languages yoga teacher: English, German, Italian and Dutch
  • Inclusive accommodation, half-board, yoga and excursions
  • Hatha yoga teacher and Yoga therapist with international recognized diploma