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Walking Ticino

Walking is a spontaneous and natural action that we are all able to perform, but that we tend to do less and less. Walking is a new experience, but at the same time ancient. To resume walking, in order to purify the mind and body of the waste deposits of day-to-day life. This represents the basic feature of all fitness activities. Its benefits have been rediscovered on the other side of the ocean in the battle against stress. There are no risks and contraindications; there is no need for special training to start walking: only good shoes, woven from natural fibre and then away. Ticino has the ideal habitat to embrace this sport. All the routes are marked with official direction signs; a panel identifies the road at the starting point and attests that the route has been certified indicating the year of inspection. The routes are located everywhere: in the Locarno district, in the Lugano district, around Bellinzona and in the valleys.