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Torba Monastery

FAI property, the site was founded during Roman age with defensive purpose along Olona river, then in the following centuries, it was used as a civilized place and later religious outpost composed by a community of nuns. Above the monastery stands a tower that in the VIII century b.C, perhaps when the first nuns arrived, was transformed Torba in a place of welcome for pilgrims; on the walls of the tower interesting frescos were discovered with references to the monastic life. The nearby church dedicated to St. Mary was transformed during the centuries, and in its present form the building dates back to XII – XIII centuries b.C. The latest archaeological excavation have unearthed ruins of walls that linked the Torba site with Castelseprio village and some ancient tombs in the study phase. Since 2011 the Torba Monastery, was declared by UNESCO, World Heritage Site, which part of the serial site “Longobards in Italy: the power sites”.