Image 0 - The wine road from Bellinzonese to the upper valley

The wine road from Bellinzonese to the upper valley

The itinerary takes us from Bellinzona towards the upper valley, following an ideal wine road, alongside vineyards, wineries and artistic and natural splendors. The region around the capital, characterized by the fascinating presence of hunger forts, is rich in vineyards belonging to family businesses whose production is modest in terms of quantity yet very rich in terms of quality.


The proposed route begins at the La Minerva company in Camorino, the first in the Ticinian region to produce organic wines, and continues towards Giubiasco and Bellinzona, headquarters of the important wineries Cagi (Giubiasco's winery), Chiercati, located in the area south of the capital, and Vinicola Carlevaro in Arbedo. These wineries can be visited, usually by appointment, and wine tasting is often an option.

Then we continue towards Biasca, on the Cantonal road to the right of Ticino. We have to take detour towards Gnosca, where you can admire the ruins of the XII-XIII century Romanesque St. John the Baptist church, left abandoned and then restored in 1992; the results are impressive. In Biasca, the Romanesque St.Peter and Paul churches and their ancient frescoes are worth a visit. You follow the Via Crucis amongst chestnut trees, and in about twenty minutes you'll reach the oratory of St. Petronilla, situated in a beautiful location near the Froda Bridge.


Following the Cantonal road you'll reach Bodio, where another important winery, Gialda di Mendrisio, produces wine from the grapes of the three valleys, one of which is Giornico, where the itinerary comes to an end. The trip comes to a close admidst the vineyards, beautiful churches- including the ancient St. Nicolao - the bridges and the Attone stream. One last thing for those with a sweet tooth is the beautiful collection of engraved wooden moulds for sweets on display at the Leventinial Museum, near the Casa Stagna.