Image 0 - The road of wine of Castel San Pietro and surrounding areas

The road of wine of Castel San Pietro and surrounding areas

The itinerary takes us to Mendrisiotto, and in particular to the area of Castel San Pietro, the premier winemaking district in Cantone...

We will set off from the province capital at the Generoso della Vignoteca Vecchia Masseria farm house, which has cellars excavated from the rock. We'll follow the Cantonal towards Mendrisio and in the cellar area we'll stop at Gialdi, active also in Tre Valli, known especially for the Sassi Grossi.


We'll continue on towards Mendrisio, then towards Salorino and at the crossroads for Castel San Pietro. Soon the Avra-Caspiera company, completely renovated, will come into view. Heading back to Mendrisio and this time turning at the crossroads for Salorino or Castel San Pietro, we'll choose the latter. A detour brings us to Corteglia, to the Parravinci anf Mauro Ortelli companies, small producers with splendid vineyards and excellent wines. In Obino, a hamlet of Castel San Pietro, the church, dedicated to Sant'Antontio and dating back to the 1500s, is surrounded by vineyards, some of which belong to Luigi Cavallini, who makes wine in Cabbio in the Muggio valley. In Castel San Pietro, two churches are worth mentioning: S. Eusebio, the beautiful Baroque parish, and the Chiesa Rossa, built in the 1300's and embellished with a beautiful series of frescos.


Going down to Gorla, we find the Anna Barbara von der Crone Kopp Vineyard. Continuing towards Balerna, with the Fratelli Corti and its age-old traditions,and the Borgovecchio and the Fumagalli companies. On the road for Coldrerio, we'll find the Cantonal Institute of Agriculture of Mezzana, located in a villa, built around the 1550's for the Torre di Mendrisio family, surrounded by vineyards. Here, future wine producers are educated and excellent wine is made.
The route ends in Coldrerio, at Lorenzo Trapletti's, who cultivates grapes and produces wine in this family business. Not far beyond, we'll find the Colle deli Ulivi, a large estate that produces wines, spirits, honey and extra-virgin olive oil.