Image 0 - The high-class diet of the past
Image 1 - The high-class diet of the past
Image 2 - The high-class diet of the past

The high-class diet of the past


The diet of the high-class families was more varied compared to the one of the farmers. The difference between urban and rural diets was not only noticeable in the quality and quantities of the meals, but also in their preparation. In fact, thanks to the exchanges with the nearby region of Lombardia, as well as to the influence of the emigration (in France, Italy, England, but also America and Algeria), the recipes had many variants, and refined processing. Fresh meat and chicken cooked in different ways were not missing on the table. The rich families consumed cold cuts, eggs and fish, and they used to cook "risotto", which became popular only in the 1900s. In the morning, they used to drink coffee with milk, as well as after the meals, often accompanied by the dessert: the famous bread cake, or "torta di pane", amaretti and zabaglione (egg flip).