Image 0 - The Good Friday of Romagnano Sesia
Image 1 - The Good Friday of Romagnano Sesia
Image 2 - The Good Friday of Romagnano Sesia

The Good Friday of Romagnano Sesia



The Drama of Calvary has inspired poets, painters ad artists through the ages and it is now performed in the streets and squares of Romagnano Sesia changing the historic town into a new Jerusalem.

The amazing Good Friday celebrations have been held in Romagnano since 1730 when they were firs established by the Confraternity of Santo Enterro. For centuries the event has provided a perfect opportunity for reliving a cultural tradition unique to the Novara province deriving from the Medieval mystery plays. The Good Friday celebrations are held in alternate, odd-numbered years and consist of two historic processions, one in the morning and the other in the evening, as well as 14 itinerant “tableaux vivants” set in the town streets and squares. The public can admire the show of a large open-air stage in various locations of the old town set against the splendid backdrop of medieval Romagnano. More than three hundred actors in period costumes play the characters of the Passion. At the same time the crowd of spectators take an active part in the event, a collective participation that sets it apart from other popular traditions. The “living relic of the past” m aintains a strong sense of its own identity while offering the public a uniquely fascinating experience. It is both the expression of a social, religious, cultural tradition and an extremely exciting tourist attraction.


  • OPENING 03.04 - 05.04