The Coffee Museum

Vittorio Maspoli

Via Motta 2, 6828 Balerna, +41 91 695 05 05

Guided tour

Caffè Chicco d’Oro represents a coffee culture, characteristic of contemporary time.
It derives, however, from a long tradition which is reflected in Chicco d’Oro’s "World of Coffee" museum. Chicco d’Oro established this museum to tell the history of coffee as a produce, to illustrate its economic importance and to document the value of this well-loved beverage. Show panels depict...

SERVICES Incentive, Guided tours
ACCESSIBILITY Wheelchair accessible
Vittorio Maspoli

Via Motta 2,
6828 Balerna
Tel.: +41 91 695 05 05
Fax: +41 91 695 05 06
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