Image 0 - Taste my Swiss City: Bellinzona
Image 1 - Taste my Swiss City: Bellinzona
Image 2 - Taste my Swiss City: Bellinzona

Taste my Swiss City: Bellinzona

The "Taste My Swiss City" tours are designed for those who want to get to know the cities from the perspective of the locals and by tasting the local foods and wines.

Immerse yourself in the magnificent city of Bellinzona with its UNESCO heritage castles and, between tasting sessions, you can discover the history and culture of this city with its medieval flair.

The tours are individual and each participant can choose the order of the stops and the time spent in each of the locations included in the tour. 

The stages have been recommended by Valentina, a young woman from Bellinzona who loves good food and culture. 

The stops for the tour of Bellinzona are as follows:  

  • Il Fermento, Via Codeborgo 12
  • Castelgrande, Grotto San Michele, Salita Castelgrande
  • Ristorante Internazionale, Viale Stazione 35
  • L’Arte del Caffè, Viale Portone 45




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