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Sentieri di luce


Dedicated to 19th century painting, with 40 works belonging to Cariplo Foundation, Giannoni Gallery and private collections, this Exhibition describes, through its pictures, the history, places, monuments and social engagement of a nineteenth-century Novara.
The exhibition is divided in three parts:
- “A provincial city in the 19th century”, with pictures of Novara and quotes of everyday life at that time;
- “Between city and countryside”, with images of paddy fields in the “Bassa Novarese” and landscapes of Alps;
- “Journey in the province”, suggesting an ideal travel in train and ferry through our land and its lakes, starting from the masterpieces of Vais and Morbelli.
Sentieri di Luce, organised by Cariplo Foundation, Comune di Novara, Fondazione Comunità del Novarese and ATL Novara, will take place in the “Arengo del Broletto” in Novara, from May the 6th to September the 25th.