Image 0 - Ponte Tibetano Olivone

Ponte Tibetano Olivone

Inaugurated in 2022, the bridge crossing the Riascio River connects the localities of Sallo, on the territory of Olivone and Pinaderio, to that of Aquila, located at an altitude of 950 and 1150 metres above sea level respectively, which once served as the border between the two municipalities, now part of the Municipality of Blenio.

Promoted thanks to the Gruppo Restauri Blenio, it has a length of 70 metres and a walkway width of 1.10 metres. The supporting structure consists of metal cables anchored to the shoulders and the walkway is made of galvanised non-slip sheets.

The path that the latter connects, is part of the ancient path registered in the inventory of the Historical Paths of the Canton of Ticino.

The mountain path (white-red-white) is currently appreciated both as a footpath and for bikers, not only for the beauty of the places it crosses but also for the numerous points of interest found along the way, such as: votive chapels, dry stone walls, rustic settlements and, last but not least, objects of naturalistic interest.