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Pizzo di Claro

"This is the majestic summit that every person in Ticino knows and wishes to stand upon at least once in a lifetime”, stays written about Pizzo Claro in the guide book to the Southern Alps. This mountain that locals also call the “Matterhorn of Bellinzona”because of its lordly size marks the end of the Adula chain. The elegant shape of Pizzo di Claro rises in the sky and whoever climbs it will be stunned thanks to the wonderful views it offers and the lush nature that surrounds it.

A pecularity of Pizzo Claro is, that is not just a peak, but that it is characterized by two peaks of about 2700 meters. From the top of the trapeze shaped mountain panoramic gazes are possible in all geographical directions. At the southern end of the crest the view extends over Bellinzona and the Riviera Valley. In the North one looks down to Cresciano. In the east Pizzo Claro thrones above the Calanca Valley and a bit below of the peaks in the West there is the small charming mountain lake of Canèe.

The guarded (during summer) mountain hut ‘Brogoldone’ is the starting point for excursions in the region of Pizzo Claro. It is located on a panoramic terrace of rare beauty that will remain engraved in the memories of any traveler. It can be reached by foot from Claro, or after a shorter hike of around 90 minutes on the ‘path of sculptures’ from the cableway station above Lumino. The cableway runs all year round. Once in the region, a visit to the famous Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria Assunta, founded in 1490, above Claro gets highly recommended.



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