Pelossi & Co Wine cellar

  • Production area: Agra (Luganese)

  • Agra Riserva
    - Quality: rosso affinato in barriques
    - Origin: comune di Agra
    - Tendril: merlot
    - Character: rosso intenso con riflessi violacei, intenso, buona complessità ed elegante, buona struttura, adatto all'invecchiamento
    - Alcoholic content: 13% vol
    - Packaging: 75 cl e Magnum 150 cl

  • Collina d'Oro
    - Quality: rosso tradizionale
    - Origin: Agra
    - Tendril: merlot
    - Character: rosso rubino, buona intensità, fruttato e armonio, tannini morbidi e piacevoli
    - Alcoholic content: 12.5% vol
    - Packaging: 75 cl

  • Agra Bianco
    - Quality: bianco d'assemblaggio
    - Origin: Agra
    - Tendril: chardonnay, gewürztraminer, altesse e viogner
    - Character: fine e struttato, buona complessità e struttura, spiccata personalità
    - Alcoholic content: 12% vol
    - Packaging: 75 cl

  • Others products:
    Collina d'Oro, rosato di merlot (Agra-Luganese)
    Nocino nostrano
    grappa nostrana di uva americana

    The firm was born in 1987 on the initiative of Peter Pelossi with the plant of a 6000m2 Merlot vineyard in the balconies in Agra. In 1996 in Agra begins the plantation of his own grapes with the help of their children Sacha (ing. oenologist) and Christina (oenologist), the surface is always increased, actually to 15000m2 in the commune of Agra with the plant of new vines like: chardonnay, altesse, viognier, gewürztraminer further the traditional Merlot for have a total of 7'500 poles of vine cultivated according to the directives of the integrated production. The firm Pelossi & Co actually produce every year 5'000 bottles shared between: Agra Riserva (Merlot in barriques), collina d'Oro (traditional Merlot), Collina d'Oro (rosato di Merlot) e Agra Bianco (bianco of assemblagge).

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