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Passing through, moving forward


The international event “Passing through, moving forward” will be inaugurated with a touching ceremony on April 29 at 8.30 pm in Arona, Lake Maggiore. Participants will be the group Nuova Filarmonica Aronese and singer-songwriter Matilde Mirotti, followed by tenor Giorgio Casciarri and soprano Sara Cervasio’s performance, directed by Maestro Paolo Beretta. An amazing light & music show will be held by set designer Sebastiano Romano at 9.00 pm (the same show will be repeated everyday until July 30).
After being displayed in London, New York, Dubai and Florence (on the occasion of the G7 Culture meeting), the 3D reproduction of Palmyra’s Arch (5,50*3,80mt) will stand at Arona’s Piazza San Graziano from April 29 toJuly 30, 2017.

Built almost 2000 years agoin honor of the Roman emperor Septimius Severus in Palmyra, the Arch was destroyed in October 2015 by a Jihad group and consequently reconstructed on scale ? by IDA (Institute for Digital Archeology, Oxford) using 3D printers and then rebuilt by Torart, an Italian company based in Carrara.

The structure is of a highly symbolical value: “Passing through, moving forward” sends out a positive message of continuity and peace and is an important example of how modern technology can be of service to culture in bringing back to life pieces of history which would otherwise be gone forever, as a consequence of disastrous events or natural calamities. The Arch is a global symbol of the triumph of cooperation in the field of conflict, optimism, and man's intelligence on the senseless destruction.

It’s arrival in Arona will be celebrated with an inaugural event of great emotional impact and it’s stay will be animated by numerous initiatives such as the possibility to access a free exhibition at the local Archaeological Museum, adjacent to where the Arch will be positioned, dedicated to Khaled Al-Assad, the Syrian archaeologist curator of Palmyra’s site.