Parish Museum San Sebastiano

Via delle Cappelle 6, 6612 Ascona, +41 91 91 35 21

The museum is located in the Oratory of St. Fabian and St. Sebastian, which in its original form goes to the 9th Cantury back.

To see are documents from the history of the chapel and parish liturgical furnishings of Ascona.


Free entry.


Opening hours of the parish museum (April to October):

Thursday: 17.00h - 18.30h
Friday: 17.00h - 18.30h
Saturday: 17.00h - 18.30h



ARCHITECTURE Ancient and religious architecture, Refurbishment and restoration
MUSEUMS Theme museums
Via delle Cappelle 6, 6612 Ascona
Tel.: +41 91 91 35 21
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