Image 0 - Paragliding on Lake Como
Image 1 - Paragliding on Lake Como
Image 2 - Paragliding on Lake Como

Paragliding on Lake Como

Lake Como is the perfect destination for who wants to try the exciting sensation of dominate the sky with only the power of wind.

There are different fly schools that offer the possibility of try this exciting sport.
Who wants to try It for the first time ever can make tandem flights togheter with qualified instructors.
The most famous area is certainly Mount Cornizzolo for its special windy flows that allow to You to practice this sport all year round.
There are also other good area for paragliding. Below You have all the possibility:

Paragliding Lecco:
3 different school situated in Suello (5 Km far from lecco) close to Mount Cornizzolo offer tandem flights and private lessons for everybody. www.cornizzolo.com - www.cornizzolo.it - www.scurbatt.it

this school is situated in the middle of Valsassina close to Monte Muggio. Possibility of tandem flights and lessons vith an amazing view on the surronding landscape. www.flylibell.com

this schhol is situated in Sorico, in the upper part of the lake. Offers tandem flights and private lessons. The flights land directly on the lake coast close to the water. www.brevart.it


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