Image 0 - Ossuccio, the Sacred Mount
Image 1 - Ossuccio, the Sacred Mount
Image 2 - Ossuccio, the Sacred Mount
Image 3 - Ossuccio, the Sacred Mount
Image 4 - Ossuccio, the Sacred Mount
Image 5 - Ossuccio, the Sacred Mount

Ossuccio, the Sacred Mount

Among the sights on the Western shore of Lake Como, one that stands out is the monumental complex of the Sacred Mount and the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) in Ossuccio.

On the hillside overlooking the enchanting inlet of “Zoca de l’Oli”, opposite Isola Comacina, 14 chapels dedicated to the Mysteries of the Rosary were built between 1635 and 1714 along a winding path that led to the existing sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary. These fine little circular Baroque temples were decorated with stucco and frescoes and completed by around 230 large statues by artists from the Intelvi School.

It is a spectacular journey of faith that fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape, with centuries-old olive trees and the gentle terraces of the area. Just over a kilometre walk brings you to 419 metres above sea level and to the single-nave sanctuary whose altar houses the 15th Mystery, with a group of sculptures showing the Coronation of Mary.

The historic and architectural importance of this complex led to it being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.