Oratori nelle "ville"

In Val Malvaglia every "villa" (nucleus) has its own oratory. The most important is perhaps that of Madra, dedicated to St. James and rich in frescoes attributed in part to a painter from the workshop of the Seregnesi. The other oratories also have a pictorial decoration, although of lesser value. 
In Dandrio, the 17th century oratory dedicated to Saint John the Baptist preserves some frescoes: in the choir, Madonna with Saint John the Baptist and a martyr; on the left wall, Madonna del Rosario, scenes of the Passion and Saints Martin and Peter; on the right, a Crucifixion with Mary and Saint Charles. The author could be H. J. Greutter (1630). 
The oratory of St. Bartholomew in Anzano shows several frescoes, also probably the work of Greutter, are placed in the choir and depict the Nativity, the Trinity, Our Lady with Saints and the Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew. Interesting is the altar with tabernacle in the shape of a small temple, in wood, with painted scenes and perhaps dating from the seventeenth century. 
In Chiavasco, the oratory of Saint Barnaba preserves frescoes of a popular character dating back to 1606: Crucifixion with Saints Roch and Sebastian, God the Father, Madonna with Bishop, Saints Martin, Anthony Abbot and John the Baptist.