Image 0 - Nara Bikepark: The Black Wood Line
Image 1 - Nara Bikepark: The Black Wood Line
Image 2 - Nara Bikepark: The Black Wood Line
Image 3 - Nara Bikepark: The Black Wood Line

Nara Bikepark: The Black Wood Line

The downhill track on the Nara Mountain in the Blenio valley is called Black Wood Line, it is 3.3km long and crushes 480 meters of altitude. The first section (about 900m) at a height of 1900 meters is a trail with a lot of flow and many parabolic turns.

It also contains doubles and regular jumps. Before you reach the area of the pole nr. 21, there is a part left to its natural state and therefore very tricky. After a short fraction on the ski-slope, the track enters the forest, the Black Wood, where the terrain is flatter but the jumps increase.

It follows a flat but very fast trail that brings you to the second part in the woods. In this section there are north-shore elements and little kickers. The last section is a spectacular toboggan with earth parabolic curves and an amazing surrounding nature. Once out of the woods a segment with bigger kickers attends you and invites you to the last parabolic curves. After carefully crossing the asphalt road, an enjoyable singletrail with a few jumps takes the bikers to the start of the chairlift at Cancorì-Nara and to the Restaurant "La Pernice".

Be careful: on the last 500 meters of the trail bikers lose their priority in favour of pedestrians and vehicles.


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