Museum Monte Verità

Fondazione Monte Verità
Strada Collina 84, 6612 Ascona, +41 91 785 40 40

Monte Verità features a museum trail including Casa Anatta and other historical buildings such as Casa Selma, Casa dei Russi, Casa Centrale, the Elisarion, the Bauhaus-style hotel and Villa Semiramis, which chart the centre's history. The Elisarion pavilion is currently closed for renovation. 


Casa Selma and Casa dei Russi, or the Russians' House - so named in memory of the Russian student...

Partner Ticino Ticket – 30% Discount

During the first year after the historical opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel all guests of hotels, youth hostels or camping sites benefit from free public transport in the entire Canton, every single day of their stay in Ticino. It further offers advantages on the access to cable cars, navigation and main tourist attractions.

Reduction on
Single entry adults / students / OASI

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CHF 8.40 instead of CHF 12.- CHF 5.60 instead of CHF 8.-

Validity of the offer
May - October

The fares and opening periods are indicative, based on the official price list of the partners. May be subject to modification

ARCHITECTURE Contemporary architecture
MUSEUMS Ethnographic museums, History museums
ACCESSIBILITY Wheelchair accessible with some difficulties
Fondazione Monte Verità
Strada Collina 84,
6612 Ascona
Tel.: +41 91 785 40 40
Fax: +41 91 785 40 50
Lorenzo Sonognini
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